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Trust Services

As seasoned trustees and executors, we collaborate with clients and their advisors to effectively administer a wide range of trusts, encompassing simple living trusts as well as intricate estate planning vehicles driven by tax considerations. Additionally, we offer specialized services for retirement and charitable foundations.

Our trust offices are strategically located across different regions in the United States and operate under a national charter, enabling us to provide localized trust services. Our Delaware-based trust company, which serves as our headquarters, grants our clients access to a jurisdiction that is both beneficiary-friendly and tax-efficient for trust administration. Furthermore, we maintain a trust company headquartered in the Cayman Islands, primarily catering to the needs of our non-U.S. clients.

At our firm, we prioritize delivering continuity for your family. By assuming the roles of trustee and/or executor, we ensure that your personal and financial goals can be pursued over multiple generations. Our comprehensive services encompass:

  • Trust and estate administration
  • Implementation of estate plans
  • Preparation of fiduciary tax returns
  • Delaware trustee services
  • Management and administration of foundations
  • Fiduciary record-keeping and accounting
  • Income tax planning for trusts, estates, grantors, and beneficiaries
  • IRA administration

Please note that Wilby Securities and its affiliates do not provide legal advice or tax advice unless engaged specifically for tax return preparation services through Private Banking Private Client Tax Services. We strongly recommend that clients consult with their respective legal or tax advisors before taking any action related to the subject matter discussed in this communication.