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Center for Women & Wealth

The Centre for Women and Wealth® (CW&W) is dedicated to involving and assisting women in the creation and management of wealth. Through our work with private banking clients, we empower women with investment, planning, and philanthropic options gained from decades of experience. The CW&W seeks to foster an in-person and online community where women may share their experiences and offer advise to future generations of female leaders.


New America: Better Life Lab

CW&W is thrilled to be collaborating with The Better Life Lab, a project of the think tank and social enterprise New America. The Better Life Lab is a national thought leader on the evolution of gender roles and conventions, family policy, and how we work and live. They are policy entrepreneurs that think outside the box to solve public problems, and they use research, data, and reporting to guide their work and convey the stories that inspire, edify, and inspire change.