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Center for Family Business

How can one effectively manage, grow, and transition a business while also prioritizing the well-being of the family and its legacy? We have assisted numerous family business clients in addressing this timeless question. Whether our clients are founders or next-generation owner-operators of family businesses, our experience has shown that they face a complex set of challenges unique to family and family business ownership.

The Center for Family Business is dedicated to helping family businesses and their owners achieve their goals and navigate the areas where family and business intersect. We provide valuable advice, insights, and resources on various topics related to family business ownership, drawing from our extensive subject-matter expertise and the legacy of our institution, which originated as a family business over 200 years ago. Our areas of focus include:

Defining Legacy and the Future of the Business

Learn how we support our clients in defining their vision, preserving their legacy, shaping the future of their businesses, and developing objectives in collaboration with their families.

Building a Support Team

Discover our assistance in identifying, evaluating, and enhancing our clients' teams of trusted advisors.

Succession Planning – Management and Ownership

Explore our services in preparing and planning for management and ownership succession.

Capital Policies

Discover how we assist our clients in establishing capital policies that strike a balance between the needs of the business and the family.

Employment Policies

Learn more about our guidance in developing employment policies for family members.

Governance and Communications

Discover how we assist our clients in establishing and enhancing formal governance and communication structures for their companies and family members.

Distributions and Family Liquidity

Learn more about how we help our clients create policies regarding income distribution, share transfers, share redemption, and communicating return expectations.

Balancing Competing Interests

Discover our assistance in developing frameworks and processes to balance competing interests within our clients' businesses.