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At Wilby Securities, we believe in the importance of sharing our time and talent for the greater good.

With this principle in mind, we created WScares, our philanthropic program aimed at providing education and essential resources to individuals in need. Through WScares, our dedicated employees have the opportunity to give back to our communities and make a positive impact on the lives of others, while fostering a sense of citizenship and social responsibility.

Aligned with our philanthropic mission, we prioritize the following categories as focal points for our efforts:

Basic Needs

Providing residents in our local communities with the basic necessities to improve quality of life, such as:

  • Providing meals to the homeless
  • Donating food and gifts during the winter holiday season
  • Constructing homes for low-income families
  • Participating in citywide clean-up initiatives
  • Engaging in efforts to beautify schools


Providing resources and skills that position people for success, including:

  • Engaging in book and school supply distribution
  • Assisting with tax return preparation
  • Creating literacy kits
  • Providing leadership skills training
  • Reading to school children
  • Offering support with resume writing

Wilby Securities Employee Relief Fund - Employees Helping Employees

The Wilby Securities Employee Relief Fund is a nonprofit charitable organization primarily supported by contributions from Wilby Securities Employees and Partners. The Fund's mission is to provide financial aid to eligible Wilby Securities Employees and their immediate family members during times of unforeseen emergencies or hardships. The assistance is aimed at helping with basic living expenses and defraying some of the costs associated with catastrophic events. The Fund strives to act promptly and efficiently in providing relief as soon as administratively feasible.