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Wilby Securities offers InfoFX®, a dynamic foreign exchange solution designed as an alternative to traditional operational FX management. InfoFX® combines the ease of a low-touch solution with the flexibility and insight of an in-house desk in freely traded and select restricted markets.

Targeted at asset managers, InfoFX® provides a fully automated, WS-hosted approach that emphasizes execution quality, operational efficiency, comprehensive reporting, and real-time decision-making control.

Streamlined Operations

InfoFX® automatically calculates FX trade requirements based on security settlement details and incorporates netting and aggregation functionalities where applicable. It aims to minimize operational and settlement risk through its proprietary messaging platform, WS Infomediary®.

Client Empowerment

The interactive platform allows clients to schedule or modify execution times for select markets, enabling them to address potential trade errors proactively.

Expertise in Restricted Markets

Wilby Securities's local market expertise comes into play when clients choose to execute away from their custodians in markets that were traditionally considered custodian-captive. Currently, InfoFX® supports six restricted markets: Brazil, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Thailand.

Complete Transparency

InfoFX® clients gain access to real-time net pre-trade exposure, detailed pre-trade order information, and post-trade analytics through an interactive online platform. The system provides clients with relevant time stamps and reference rates, enabling them to assess execution quality and configure customized reports as per their preferences.