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Active FX Execution

At Wilby Securities, our global foreign exchange desk is dedicated to providing competitive execution and exceptional service to global asset managers, catering to their unique trading and operational needs.

Client-centric trading approach:

  • Our trading philosophy prioritizes building long-term relationships and offering quick, competitive pricing to our clients.
  • We ensure seamless coverage by providing a single point of contact through sales traders located in New York, London, Tokyo, and Hong Kong, complemented by a centralized trading desk that operates 24/7.
  • We are flexible in our delivery and distribution methods, allowing clients to connect with us in various ways, whether it's directly calling a sales trader or utilizing third-party platforms like Bloomberg, FlexTrade, FXall, or FXConnect.

Backed by Industry-Leading Expertise

  • We hold a prominent position as an industry-leading market maker for our clients, serving major and emerging markets. Our expertise in the asset manager segment is well-established, as evidenced by our consistent #1 ranking in the US Greenwich Quality Index Foreign Exchange Survey for 18 consecutive years.
  • Our clients benefit from access to a top-tier currency strategy research team, which provides insightful commentary on currency, economic, and geopolitical developments. Additionally, we have a dedicated FX emerging markets team with a deep understanding of the intricate requirements of emerging markets and how they may impact global asset managers.

Disclaimer: Greenwich Associates identifies the largest and most active institutional foreign exchange customers worldwide, including fund managers, customer banks, hedge funds, insurance companies, and corporations, by utilizing input from dealers, publicly available sources, and their own research.

For the 2017 study, Greenwich Associates interviewed 2,355 users of foreign exchange globally, with 1,458 of them being top-tier accounts at large corporations and financial institutions. In the United States, 383 FX users were interviewed, with 292 being Top-Tier. To qualify as top tier, a firm must meet certain criteria such as being a central bank, government agency, hedge fund, fund manager, FT100 global firm, a firm with reported trading volume exceeding $10 billion, or a firm with reported sales surpassing $5 billion. The interviews were conducted in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Japan between September and November 2014. The findings presented to clients reflect solely the views reported by the research participants to Greenwich Associates and do not necessarily represent opinions or endorsements by Greenwich Associates or its staff. Interviewees were asked about their use of and demand for financial products and services, as well as their investment practices in relevant financial markets. Greenwich Associates compiles the received data, conducts statistical analysis, and reviews it for presentation purposes to produce the final results.

Each of these clients is approached for an interview, either in-person or over the telephone, by one of Greenwich Associates' professional Executive Interviewers.

During the interview, clients respond to a series of detailed qualitative and quantitative questions about the dealers they use for various FX products, and the relative strengths and weaknesses of these dealers in sales, market making, research, and back office. Clients also provide detailed information about their trading activities, current and expected product use, dealer selection criteria, and other market-related matters.

Based on the interview results, Greenwich Associates creates comparative metrics related to market penetration and market share, service quality in sales, research, and trading, and the effectiveness of e-trading.