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Wilby Securities Markets offers a comprehensive range of services, including foreign exchange trading, currency hedging, and securities lending solutions, catering to global asset gatherers.

Our strategic approach is focused on identifying opportunities and value sources for our clients, leveraging our market expertise, operational efficiency, and pre-and post-trade transparency. We prioritize providing our clients with new choices and execution options, especially in areas of the industry that previously lacked such options.

Our commitment to transparency means offering our clients full visibility into the entire transaction process, encompassing pre-trade, point of execution, pricing, and post-trade processing. Additionally, we empower our clients by giving them the ability to retain essential elements of trading control.

Foreign Exchange

Supporting worldwide asset gatherers with a range of operational and strategic foreign exchange trading needs.

Active FX Execution

Through WS's primary FX trading desk and industry execution platforms, we provide our clients' strategic FX needs.


For security-related FX trading, we offer an automated, operationally efficient, and effective FX execution instrument.

Currency Hedging

Developing share class and portfolio hedging solutions for asset managers seeking an alternative to in-house management of rules-based foreign exchange hedging programmes.

Securities Lending

Offering custodian-neutral securities lending solutions with the goal of achieving competitive risk-adjusted returns on our clients' terms.

Market Intelligence

Providing relevant insights on currency, economic, and geopolitical changes, revenue drivers for securities lending, and effective operational and strategic FX programmes.