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Transfer Agency

Transfer Agency plays a vital role in the successful distribution of funds. Wilby Securities is dedicated to providing global Transfer Agency services, serving some of the most sophisticated asset managers worldwide. We support the distribution of funds domiciled in Luxembourg, Ireland, Cayman, Bermuda, Hong Kong, as well as US alternative funds, to institutional and wholesale investors across nearly 100 countries through our global service model. Our comprehensive service covers core processing, shareholder services, and distribution intelligence.

We specialize in servicing intricate fund structures, offering the following key features:

Long-Term Commitment and Strategy

We are dedicated to investing in flexible, market-leading technology to meet the evolving requirements of our clients, investors, and the ever-changing regulatory landscape.

Customizable Global Service Model

Our multi-lingual servicing desks across different time zones provide full operational capability, delivering consistent and top-quality service.

Robust Infrastructure

We offer a unified Transfer Agency platform globally. In combination with WS Infomediary®, this presents a unique connectivity solution for distributor communications.

Focus on Investor Onboarding

We prioritize investor onboarding and ongoing servicing, crucial to asset managers' relationships with their underlying clients. Our expertise in local business practices, including AML/KYC, further enhances our capabilities.