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Global Tax

Wilby Securities Global Tax Services offers expert strategic solutions in tax research, tax operations, fund administration tax, and European tax reporting, catering to global asset gatherers and financial intermediaries. Our team of dedicated tax professionals, situated in Boston, Denver, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Krakow, collaborates with clients to structure effective tax treatments for various investment vehicles in over 95 markets.

Effective Tax Technology

WS Global Tax Services provides efficient solutions to manage the complexities of U.S. and global investments, including our E-W8™ U.S. tax compliance solution. E-W8 is a risk-mitigating, cost-effective, scalable, and streamlined solution that addresses NRA and FATCA compliance obligations, covering account opening, remediation, and change of circumstances tracking.

Experienced Tax Professionals

Our skilled tax professionals continuously monitor tax developments in more than 95 markets. We keep clients updated through daily Global Update bulletins, providing valuable insights. Our team also handles necessary documentation for treaty relief or reclaims, along with compliance and tax services for mutual funds, partnerships, hedge funds, and various other investment types.