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Fund Order & Custody

WS Fund Order & Custody delivers services to WS custody clients involved in purchasing and holding investment funds. This includes order processing facilitated by our exclusive online platform, Fund WorldView®.

With over 25 years of experience managing investment fund assets, we possess a profound understanding of the operational and regulatory complexities surrounding this asset class. Our well-established global relationships with fund companies enable us to support all fund types, including alternatives.

We stand out with our comprehensive client-focused offering, specialized expertise, and rapid time-to-market. We introduce "smart order routing," an exceptional feature in the market that allows orders to be directed to transfer agents, funds, or intermediaries based on both the investment and the instructing client. This enhances efficiency, reduces risk, and enables a best-in-class approach to order routing.

Financial institution clients, as fund buyers, gain broad and timely access to global funds, leading to operational and cost efficiencies. This translates to improved overall service for their underlying clients, fostering competitive advantage and business growth.

Fund Order & Custody services include:

  • Order processing and automation via our exclusive online platform, Fund WorldView
  • Best-in-class order routing - "Smart Order Routing"
  • Consolidated custody and settlement across funds and markets
  • Access to an extensive and expanding selection of funds
  • Customized reporting