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Fund Administration

Wilby Securities offers a comprehensive range of flexible compliance and administrative fund services specifically designed to support our clients' most intricate products. Our core values revolve around providing direct access to information and expertise, along with a synchronized global servicing model that fosters collaboration with our clients.

WS Fund Administration services encompass:

  • Financial reporting
  • Expense administration
  • Performance measurement
  • Portfolio compliance support
  • U.S. tax support
  • Corporate secretary regulatory support

Market and Regulatory Proficiency

Remaining well-informed about market trends and regulatory changes that impact the funds industry is crucial. Our service teams not only deliver precise financial, regulatory, and board reporting to support client goals but are also trained to critically assess the business environment, proactively communicating potential developments that could affect our clients' business models.

A Collaborative Approach and Service Model

Our global service model, single global technology platform, and intelligent integration of business teams and technologists drive our commitment to providing a superior client experience. Regardless of the client's location or fund domicile, our service teams access the same systems and real-time information, creating a unified platform for quick inquiries and continuous improvement. Clients can receive information at the beginning of their business day, regardless of their geographical location.

Our focus is on serving specific segments of the financial services industry, investing in enhancing the efficiency, transparency, and accessibility of our infrastructure and client information, rather than dealing with multiple operating environments.