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The competitive landscape is compelling asset gatherers of all sizes to diversify their investments, seeking a broader range of products, instruments, and markets to enhance returns for their investors and clients. This expansion brings new operational challenges, risks, and compliance obligations.

Collaborating with a global custodian with proven expertise in managing risk and complexity is now more crucial than ever. As specialists in navigating novel and challenging scenarios, WS has gained the trust of the world's most sophisticated asset gatherers, ensuring seamless settlement, accurate safekeeping, and precise reporting of their intricate funds and assets.

Personal Commitment to Risk Management
As a privately-owned firm, WS is wholeheartedly dedicated to risk management. We invest in a state-of-the-art compliance infrastructure and maintain segregated accounts to offer utmost transparency and security to each client. With a non-captive sub-custodian bank strategy, we independently select banks we consider the best and most reliable service providers in each market. This approach provides risk diversification, resilience, and enables benchmarking of all market interactions.

Discovering New Value Sources
WS partners with clients to discover new sources of value and foster mutually beneficial relationships focused on growth. As our clients expand, we assist them in identifying market trends and devising solutions to handle the complexity of new asset classes and investment structures. We co-create products in an open architecture environment supported by a unified global technology platform designed to adapt to their evolving needs. Our technology investments concentrate on enhancing client growth through continuous improvements in application efficiency, transparency, and accessibility, avoiding the integration of multiple operating environments.

Providing Measurably Superior Service
WS is committed to delivering a measurable superior client service experience. Our 24-hour global service model is tailored to meet clients' geographic, language, and time zone requirements. Our service teams and clients access the same systems and real-time information, creating a unified platform for rapid inquiry resolution. This integrated model enables WS to flawlessly execute on clients' routine and complex demands. We are a leader in automation and straight-through processing within the industry.