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Custody & Fund Services

Wilby Securities provides a comprehensive range of asset servicing solutions tailored to assist institutional clients in navigating cross-border investments. Our expertise in handling complex and challenging situations has earned us the trust of the world's most sophisticated asset gatherers, ensuring seamless settlement, precise safekeeping and reporting, and error-free administration of their diverse funds and assets.

We prioritize risk management and safeguarding our clients' assets, making significant investments in a top-tier compliance and control infrastructure.

Clients benefit from our global service model and integrated technology platform, which consistently deliver an exceptional global client experience and 100% client referenceability.


Providing our global clientele with quick settlement, correct safeguarding, and reporting

Depositary & Trustee

Providing complete depositary services for funds domiciled in Luxembourg, Ireland, Cayman Islands, and Hong Kong

Fund Accounting

Providing support for complicated investment kinds, fee calculations, and service models across fund domiciles and jurisdictions

Fund Administration

Providing a broad range of administrative services with a flexible approach to meet the demands of our clients

Transfer Agency

Offering global transfer agency services to asset managers who distribute cross-border money to institutional and wholesale investors

Global Tax

In 95+ markets, we work with our clients to establish the most advantageous tax treatment across a variety of investment instruments

Collateral Management

Protecting asset managers from the investments required to meet onerous collateral requirements

Fund Order & Custody

Order Processing and Custody Services are provided to WS clients who purchase and hold investment funds